Archie Webster

A standing cat


Time able to drive: no data
Time spent driving: no data
Miles driven: no data miles
Last drive: no data


Highest grade climbed: no data
Number of climbing sessions recorded: no data
Last climb: no data

Call of Duty

Ben and I often play Call of Duty together, who's winning? This graph shows the number of games won per day.

Games won by Archie: no data
Games won by Ben: no data
Last game: no data

Typing Speed

How has my typing speed improved over time

Highest typing speed: no data wpm
Time spent doing tests: no data
Average typing speed: no data wpm
Average accuracy: no data%
Average number of tests per day: no data
Speed change per hour spent typing: no data wpm
Based on the last 500 tests
Last test: no data


Last day recorded: no data


I made this game to see if I can get better at playing Dobble. Can you beat my score?

Highest score: no data
Number of games: no data
Time spent dobbling: no data
For the 60 second mode

Data is updated daily where possible